Caffeine Addicts

Are you a baker or candy maker?

If so, then come to Caffeine Addicts and check out our new consignment area called Sugarholics.

That’s right, everyone knows that when if comes to coffee, sweets are a requirement.

So, to help give you get that extra ummph…and to help a few of our friends and neighbors do what they love to do, we decided to open our shop and our customers to them.

For as little as $5.00 per week and .15% of the total sale, you, too can have your own little section to promote your delicate treats.

Furthermore, if you are one of those artsy people that paint or doodle your day away, then you are also invited to be a part of our consignment family.

Whether its done in chalk, pencil or paint, our wall spaces are ready and waiting to don your works of art. Space is certainly limited. So why wait?

To find out more about this incredible
offer reach out to Denni.

Just looking for the 411? Just shoot us an email and
we will send you our Consignment Package.